RocketKube Plans

Pricing depends on the instance type of your worker nodes. There is a hourly base fee of 0.021 € for the complete master setup. Worker pricing starts from 0.007 € / hour for 1 vCPU, 2 GB RAM up to 0.742 € / hour for 32 vCPU, 128GB RAM. Charges are hourly and based on a top-up system.

Top Up System


You can purchase credits in our dashboard and your cluster costs are withdrawn every hour.

Minimum Charge: 20 €

Free Credits

2 day testing

New accounts run in trial mode until the first credit charge and include free credits to run the smallest  cluster  for two days.

Get started for free. No credit card required

Payment Methods

CC and Invoice

We support all major credit cards. On request we can also top-up your account invoice based with wire transfer.

Payment via stripe