Rocketkube Kubernetes Service


Multiple Datacenters

Resilient Kubernetes

The Controlplane (master nodes) is always deployed in a 3 node setup and each node is placed in a different datacenter. Workers can also be deployed resilient.

Ready in Minutes

Ready in Minutes

Your Cluster will be ready to use within 10 Minutes. Spool up and destroy clusters with realtime status tracking.



You have full administrative permissions on your cluster via the K8S API. We provide an endpoint that you can use with kubectl or other compatible services

iSCSI ready

iSCSI Ready

Your nodes are iSCSI ready to deploy Storage solution for persistent storage without additional costs such as longhorn easily.


Nginx Ingress & DNS

By default nginx ingress controllers are deployed and a DNS round-robin hostname with healthchecks is setup so you can easily set cnames for your services.

Cost Effective

Low Cost

Starting at just 0.042 EUR / hour (1 EUR / day) for a full cluter, rocketkube is extremly affordable and the perfect choice for quick test and staging setups.