Frequently Asked Questions

Datacenter Locations chevron_right

Datacenters are located in Germany and Finland all in the European Union. Datacenters are interconnected to each other. We will launch a US Region soon

Speed and Latency between Datacenters chevron_right

Latency between datacenters range between 7 to 20ms and the average internal network speed between two instances across datacenters is 1.5-2.5Gbit/s. If you have low latency requirements it is recommended you select “Single Datacenter” for cluster deployment.

``type: LoadBalancer`` does not work chevron_right

We do not support “type: LoadBalancer” simply because there are no mechanism in place for our deployments to support distributed loadbalancers. You can expose services using the nginx-ingress for http, https, tcp and udp and utilize our free healthcheck dns service for the ingress controllers or fall back to utilzing nodeports

Production Workload chevron_right

Low prices come with the drawback of using shared resources. For production workload we recommend using the “high performance dedicated cpu worker” instance types with 16 or 32 cores or the standard workload workers with more cores. The basic and generic workers work better if you utilize workers with more vCPUs to avoid shared locks.

Support and Managed Services chevron_right

We provide free included support during workdays from Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 18:00 CET via our Ticketsystem only. We provide support only related to the availability of your instances and network level. We will not maintain or perform tasks on your deployed k8s clusters or your deployed workload to your cluster.

Audience chevron_right

Rocketkube is meant for testing, development or staging environments. You can of course also host your production workload if your load pattern fits in instance performance levels. If you look for fully managed 24×7 full service clusters please check out

No Credit Card chevron_right

If you have no creditcard we offer payment via invoice and wire transfer. Open a ticket in our supportsystem to charge your account with wire transfer. On initial wire transfer payment credits may only be applied after the invoice was paid.

Monitoring chevron_right

By default we only offer very limited metrics for your nodes. For full insights you should provision prometheus and grafana in your cluster. We are working on full container metrics and monitoring for the upcoming autoscaling feature.

Upgrades chevron_right

Once a new version of Kubernetes is released which is supported by us you can perform a rolling upgrade of your clusters in the dashboard

Hourly Charges chevron_right

Ressources such as instances are paid per hour. If you start a worker and terminate it after 5 minutes as example, you would stil be charged for the full hour.